Located just north of South Africa, Zimbabwe is home to major attractions such as the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls, the magnificent Zambezi River and 8 national parks, the largest of which is the Hwange National Park. The Eastern Highlands Mountains are located along the Zimbabwe - Mozambique border and offer magnificent views, such as the one found at 'World's View' where one can see for a distance of over 60-70km on a clear day.

Zimbabwe is one of the world's most beautiful countries, and despite the political turmoil it is currently experiencing, visitors can still expect a competitively priced holiday in luxurious resorts and well maintained private game reserve concessions. In fact Zimbabwe's safari destinations, located far from the chaotic cities and towns, offer a safe and truly enjoyable game viewing experience.

The best time to visit the Victoria Falls is during or after the rainy season between the months of April and May. This is when the falls are at their fullest - although the power of the rush of water may be slightly deafening and the spray could block your view slightly. Be prepared for an experience of a life-time! The best game viewing can be had between May and September when there has been little rain, resulting in low bush and causing the animals to linger at the watering holes. This makes for clear and easy game spotting. White water rafting enthusiasts will want to aim for a visit between August and December when the water in the Zambezi is low and the rapids are most challenging.

Mark Page