Type: Monkeys, Walk, Nature, Restaurant
Time needed: 1 Hour(s) to 3 Hour(s)

Opening Times

Open daily from 8.30am to 5pm, unless another times are pre-arranged
For a truly unique experience and an up-close encounter with playful primates, a visit to Monkeyland near Plettenberg Bay is an absolute must. Monkeyland is a sanctuary for a variety of species of primate and, as the monkeys are not caged, they roam and explore the surrounding forest freely. Visitors will be taken on a guided walking safari through the indigenous forests and can expect to see Gibbons of Asia, Howlers from South America and Lemurs from Madagascar to name a few. At Monkeyland previously caged monkeys are given a new lease on life in their natural habitats and part of the experience is observing them as they interact, forage and play. Suspended high above the forest canopy a thrilling 118 metre long suspension bridge allows a bird's eye view of the dense forest below. Lunch at Monkeyland is an experience in itself! Sit back, relax and enjoy a leisurely meal or drink on the edge of the forest as monkeys swing overhead.
Mark Page