Ostrich Show Farms

Type: Show Farm, Ostriches, Rides, History
Time needed: 1 Hour(s) to 2 Hour(s)
The Klein Karoo has been home to ostriches for hundreds of years, and Oudtshoorn in particular was at the heart of the 'feather boom' in the late 1800's which resulted in thousands of birds being bred and the export of ostrich feathers becoming the country's fourth largest export. Although the demand for feathers declined and the industry came to an almost standstill with the outbreak of World War I, the industry slowly recovered and re-established itself after World War II as ostrich leather products such as shoes and handbags became desirable. Today, ostrich meat has become exceptionally popular as it is a versatile meat that is low in fat and cholesterol. Oudtshoorn is home to a number of ostrich show farms where visitors can interact with and feed these unusual and long-necked birds, and the more adventurous can try their hand at ostrich riding and can take part in an ostrich race. When it comes to ostrich racing the only rule to remember is - there are no rules.
Mark Page
Ostrich Show Farms
Ostrich eggs on display Entrance to Chandelier Ostrich Farm
Detailed tours introduce visitors to the ostriches Close up explanation of the ostrich's anatomy