Cango Caves

Type: Caves, History, Adrenalin
About 28km's from Oudtshoorn in the beautiful Cango Valley lies one of the greatest wonders of the Klein Karoo - the Cango Caves. The vast underground caverns that make up the caves lie in a limestone ridge where seeping water over thousands of years has created spectacular calcite masterpieces. Visitors are taken on a guided tour through the series of caves where stalactites of varying shapes and sizes hang from the cavern roof and stalagmites tower up from the floor below. Each chamber displays natural limestone creations, the most famous of which include Cleopatra's Needle and the Madonna and Child. All tours are informative and led by professional guides -the standard tour last approximately one-hour and for the more daring, the adventure tour is a 90-minute tour which sees visitors negotiating the Devil's Chimney and crawling through the Devil's Postbox.
Mark Page
Cango Caves
Feature of Cango Caves known at the Organ Pipes Cango Caves darkness to light
Entrance sign to the Cango Caves The Caves stretch deep into the mountain