Knysna Heads

Type: Scenic views, Restaurants, Hikes, Landmark
The name Knysna comes from a Khoi word possibly meaning 'straight down'; a clear reference to the Knysna Heads which are Knysna's most well known and recognisable landmark. The Knysna Heads are two huge sandstone columns that flank the Knysna lagoon, forming a channel where the rough sea races into the mouth of lagoon at the end of the Knysna River. The Western Head is a privately owned nature reserve that visitors can explore on a Featherbed Nature Reserve. The lagoon itself is one of the places along the coast that supports an oyster hatchery, providing Knysna with its famous oysters; considered to be among the best in the world. The lookout point on the Eastern Head offers breathtaking views of the lagoon, Leisure Isle and the town of Knysna itself. Also on the Eastern Head is a seafood restaurant and pub that offers delicious seafood and cold drinks to be enjoyed while watching the waves crash against the rocks.
Mark Page