Two Oceans Aquarium

Type: Aquarium
Time needed: 2 Hour(s) to 4 Hour(s)
Found at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, the aptly named Two Oceans Aquarium showcases the meeting place of the icy Atlantic and tropical Indian Ocean and the abundant diversity of marine life found in them. The Aquarium is in its own right one of the top tourist destinations in Cape Town and showcases over 3000 different sea animals; including fish, turtles, sharks, seals and penguins. The sheer size and number of tanks at the Aquarium means that visitors will want to leave at least 2 hours for exploring and should be prepared to walk a fair distance. There are a number of different displays or 'special' events that you may wish to take into account when planning your visit. For example; Shark Feeding occurs at 3:30pm daily and visitors can watch in awe as these fearsome animals devour their meal. The Aquarium is the largest in South Africa and offers 6 different sea galleries to view. The Oceans of Contrast are two galleries displaying the distinction between the Indian and the Atlantic Ocean where the tropical fish of the Indian Ocean are directly contrasted with the otherworldly giant spider crabs found in the Atlantic Ocean. The Sappi River Meander is also a highlight taking you on a wander through the journey of a river from the mouth to the source as a friendly African Penguins poses for your photographs, small birds zoom past your head and various fish swim slowly by. By far the most terrifying gallery however; is the I&J Predator tank where Great Whites, Ragged Tooths and other predators prowl stealthily past in their 11 metre wide, 4 metre high and 2 million litre tank. Experienced divers even have the opportunity to dive in these tanks with the sharks. The Aquarium is a wonderful place to wonder around whether young or small and should not be missed when visiting Cape Town.
Mark Page
Two Oceans Aquarium
Tiger Fish at the Two Oceans Aquarium Front tank at the Aquarium
Jellyfish at the Aquarium The Aquarium is a watery wonderland for all ages