Northern Cape

North of the Western Cape one will find the largest, yet least populated of the provinces; the Northern Cape. At 361,830 km2 the Northern Cape is in fact just slightly bigger than Germany.

Largely a semi-desert region with wide expanses of open land and succulent plant life, the Northern Cape stands in complete contrast to the lushness and greenery of the Western Cape. The Northern Cape is home to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park and the mountain desert park known as the Ai-Ais or Richtersfeld National Park. The mighty Orange River flows through the province forming the border between South Africa and Namibia and creating a lush band of green fanning out from its riverbanks.

The Northern Cape's most popular attraction is the annual explosion of wild spring flowers that blanket the dry earth transforming it into a wonderland of colour for a very short period of time.