Pilgrim's Rest

Time needed: 3 Hour(s) to 5 Hour(s)

Step back in time with a visit to Pilgrim's Rest - a living museum and National Monument filled with the dust, glamour and glory of the 1870's South African gold rush. The town originated when a miner named Alec Patterson left the MacMac area and wandered over the mountains where he surprisingly found gold in a small stream. From that day onwards the little village grew from a single tent into a bustling community of 1500 diggers with a hotel, brick houses, a church, bakeries and shops and even a newsprint - The Goldfields Mercury. After the rapid growth the inevitable happened and the gold slowly began to run out until no more could be found. Most of the miner's moved on, leaving the infrastructure behind as it still stands today.

Pilgrim's Rest is situated on the beautiful route on the eastern escarpment region of Mpumalanga known as the Panorama Route.

Mark Page