Time needed: 1 Day(s) to 3 Day(s)

With streets lined with the brilliant lilac of the flowering Jacaranda tree, Pretoria, or 'Jacaranda City' as it is known by the locals, is one of South Africa's three capital cities and is found in the northern region of the Gauteng Province. Pretoria has a hot, dry climate with short summer rainfalls usually preceded by intense thunderstorms and lightning. Falling into the transitional area between the Highveld and the Bushveld, Pretoria is only 50km north of Johannesburg and lies in an attractive and fertile valley that is surrounded by the Magaliesburg hills. Despite being so close to Johannesburg, Pretoria is a quieter and more relaxed city with many beautiful buildings and interesting attractions; such as the Union Buildings and the Sterkfontein caves.

The architecture of the city has had many different influences over the years; ranging from British Colonial to Art Deco all culminating in an interesting and truly South African feel.