Fish River Canyon

Type: River, Water, Canyon, Scenic Views
Time needed: 3 Hour(s) to 1 Day(s)
The Fish River is the longest river in Namibia and runs over 650 kilometres. Along the river's lower reaches one will find the Fish River Canyon, the 2nd largest canyon in the world (the largest being the Grand Canyon) with a depth of 550 metres and a length of 160 kilometres. The canyon is so enormous that it has been said that it is impossible to take it all in at first glance as its sheer immenseness takes time to register. The huge gorge stretches from Seeheim, through the fissured Koubis massif, and ends in Ais-Ais. The gorge was created due to a combination of water erosion and the collapse of the valley bottom due to the earth's movements. The Fish River Canyon is a popular hiking destination during Namibia's winter months between April and September - in summer the temperatures become too extreme. A hike through 85 kilometres of the gorge takes around 5 days and permits are required. There are no facilities within the canyon and hikers must make use of what nature provides and carry everything else in with them. Shorter hikes are also possible. While exploring the canyon one may be surprised to spot mammals such as mountain zebra, baboon, springbok, klipspringer and even leopard, as well as a variety of birds such as eagles, kingfishers and pelicans.
Mark Page
Fish River Canyon
Fish River Canyon Hiker heading into Fish River Canyon
Hiking through the Fish River Canyon