Mozambique is an idyllic island holiday destination where visitors are presented with a choice of magnificent islands, tranquility and an endless array of water activities.

Mozambique is situated in South Eastern Africa bordered by the Indian Ocean to the East, Tanzania to the North and South Africa to the South West. It is a tropical paradise with 2500 kilometers of coastline with hundreds of coral reefs still unexplored. The crystal clear waters and exotic palm-lined beaches present you with the opportunity of experiencing the ultimate island holiday.

The capital of Maputo is a vibrant city where the streets are alive with vendors and fascinating local markets. Here you will experience the vibrant culture of Mozambique as well as the opportunity to sample their world famous LM Prawns.

The Bazaruto Archipelago lies thirty kilometers offshore and offers some of the finest big game fishing, diving and snorkeling in the world. Bazaruto Island, thirty seven kilometers long and up to seven kilometers wide is a protected National Park.

Further North lies the ancient city of Pemba, with its African and Arabic influences and one of the deepest natural harbours in the world. This is the access point for the Quirimbas Archipelago which stretches for one hundred kilometers along the Mozambique coast. There are thirty two tropical islands stretching outwards from Pemba. These islands are more remote and less frequented than the Bazaruto Archipelago. They are a nature lovers paradise with pristine beaches - virtually untouched and unexplored.

With a choice of island lodges ranging from rustic to luxurious, let us advise you on the options that we believe will suit you best.


Mozambique is a malaria area and suitable prophylactics are advised
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