Tuli Block

The name Tuli Block refers to a 350km long, and 10km - 20km wide, strip of land on the south- eastern border of Botswana and South Africa. The land is mostly made up of private concessions and is dedicated to game and the conservation of wildlife. The area known as the Tuli block is known for its magnificent natural beauty and along with its abundant wildlife one will find prolific bird life, stately rock formations and many interesting archaeological sites. The Limpopo Rivers flow through the area bringing life-sustaining water to the animals and plants along their banks. The park is open to the general public when travelling with an organized safari company. Otherwise visitors may self-drive through the park- but only along the single main road that runs the length of the park.

The northern part of the Tuli block generally has the highest concentration of game with the key attraction being the rare black-manned lions and the large elephant population. Mashatu Game Reserve, which is the largest privately owned game reserve in southern Africa, is found in the north-eastern section of the Tuli Block.

Mark Page