Kasane is found in the north-east of the country on the banks of the Chobe River. Kasane forms the north-eastern boundary of the Chobe National Park and is often used as a base or an access point to the park through the Sedudu gate. It is also possible to organise boat trips down the Chobe River from the town centre. Many people include a stop in Kasane in their itineraries when taking in the Okavango Delta or Victoria Falls. The town itself is small and functional with many banks, shops, camping sites and lodges located in the town centre. There is no boundary fence between Chobe National Park and Kasane and elephants can occasionally be seen wandering down the main road; and crocodiles often emerge from the river and sun themselves on the river banks in the town. Kasane is also situated in close proximity to the Namibian, Zambian and Zimbabwean borders and its surrounding areas are home to a wide variety of birdlife.

Mark Page