Tsodilo Hills

Type: View, Scenery
Botswana is almost completely flat with no mountains, except for a few hills in the south east and even less in the north west. The most important of these south eastern hills, located in the flat plains of sand, are the Tsodilo Hills. The Tsodilo Hills rise to 400m above the sand and can be seen from the Okavango Delta which is over 50km away. The Tsodilo Hills are of particular significance due to large numbers, over 3500 individual paintings, of historical rock art found there. Between them these individual paintings chart over 25 000 years showing almost continuous human habitation and are considered to be one of the world's oldest historical sites. The hills are said to have a very deep spirituality that is known to either unsettle or enchant visitors. The Tsodilo Hills are made up of four hills that form a line with the tallest hill being named 'Male', the second tallest 'Female' and the next 'The Child'. The smallest of the hills is an unnamed knoll located 2.2km from 'The Child'. The hills have a special significance to the San people who believe that they are the final resting place for their deceased ancestors and that their various gods live in caverns within the 'Female' hill. Many more fascinating legends exist, and the fact that they are so far removed from all other rock art sites in southern Africa adds to their mystery and enchantment.
Mark Page