Red Lechwe

Type: Wild animal
The Red Lechwe is an antelope found in various areas within Africa. Standing between 90 and 100cm tall the red lechwe are golden red-brown in colouring with white bellies. The males have long spirally horns. The red lechwe eat aquatic plants and are found mostly in marshy areas where they use the knee-deep waters to protect them from predators. Their legs are covered in a water resisting substance that enables them to run relatively fast through water. The only antelope that is more adapted for water is the Sitatunga. Lechwe are diurnal, gathering in herds that can become as large as many thousands, although most herds only number between 20 and 30. The males and females tend to stay separated from each other except for during mating seasons. Their main predators include crocodiles, lions, leopards and even pythons.
Mark Page
Red Lechwe
Red Lechwe jumping